The rise of the King

Where I come from the paranormal such as Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, and others live along with Humans. Some wish to coexist with them, while others want to rule them with fear and bloodshed and I am going to fix that.


12. Chapter Eleven

The two days following what I found out I spent running around camp reading listening, learning anything I could. It was a quarter past three in the afternoon when I got a knock on my door.

" Come in," I answered while sitting on the floor with a book open in my hands that said, " The WWV" which stands for Wolves, Witches, and Vampires. The door opens and who walks in is Noah.

" Hey, how's the research going?" He asked as he sat on my bed. I closed the book and looked up at him. " It's going, " I laugh. Noah lets out a light laugh then gets serious.

" Ethan, the Vampires are on the move,"

" What?"

" My scouts have reported that they're seeing more and more of them getting closer to our camp, I have reason to believe they're coming after you," He said.

" I know what you're trying to say and I'm not leaving," I stated. He sighs.

" It's not a request, what do you think will happen if they find you here because I do, they'll try to kill us,"

" You're forgetting one thing though Noah, I'm not just a wolf, I'm also a vampire which means I can take them better than anyone else, I match their strength," I said standing up.

" We can't risk you getting killed, you're the only one who can retake the thrown and set everything right again!" Noah yelled as he jumped up standing taller a good two inches taller than me. 

" Fine, I'll go track them down and kill them before they even get anywhere near here,"

" You will not!" He commanded.

" I don't take orders from you," I growled. I grab my assassin uniform and walk towards the door.

" If you walk out this door you'll become an outcast," Noah snarled.

" So be it," I said looking over my shoulder before walking out. Before I left camp I changed into what I arrived in leaving the clothes I was given behind. I didn't look back as I ran away from the sanctuary I was once welcome to. 

" It doesn't matter if I can't go back as long as the pack is safe after I kill the Vampires," I say to myself. It didn't take long for me to find what I was looking for. I recognized them as soon I could see their faces, they're the same Vampires from that night, the ones who started everything. I move quietly so there hearing could pick up my movements. I'm watching from the branches of the tree I'm perched in waiting.

Looks like they still haven't noticed me yet, good. I think with a huge devilish grin on my face. One of them walks a little to close to my tree, I take this advantage jumping him forcing my arm into his back grabbing his heart. Blood drips from the corners of his mouth as his eyes go round. The other spins around.

" Silver!" She screams.

" Don't come any closer or I'll rip his heart out right here," I snarled.

" Oh, it's you," She said calming down.

" Why are you here!" I yell.

" We're here for you, of course, Lord Bastian is quite worried about you, that and to get rid of some dogs that you have grown attached too," She grinned.

I let out a deep growl.

" Oh, so scary, the pup has grown some fangs," She laughed.

" I won't let you kill them,"

" I know, but do you really believe we came alone?"

" What?..," I said.

" Yes, we brought everyone, Lord Bastians orders you know. Thanks to you they now know where those filthy dogs are,"

" No!" I yell as I rip my arm from his back taking his heart with me.

" Good grief you went and killed him," She said gesturing to her fallen comrade. I started running back to everyone when she stops me.

" How rude, I was talking to you, I guess I have to kill you now," She said with a sarcastic look on her face.

" I don't have time for this," I snarled.

" Exactly," She smiled.

" Well, I've been trained by Bastian, you can't win against me," I said going into a defensive stance.

" Do you truly believe you were the only one he took a liking to?" She laughed. " I was the same way when I was young and nieve, believing that I was special, news flash you're not either. You're just a tool he turned into a weapon,"

" I may be just a tool but I'm not like you,"

" Oh, but you are, there was a reason why I was trained by the Lord,"

" a wolf too?" I ask.

" I'm not a dog," She laughed. " I'm a Witch,"

" A Witch?"

" Yes, which is why I was turned and trained to track down you dogs and kill them all,"

" If that's true why didn't you kill me,"

" That's easy, there was something different about you and I thought the Lord would like to find out why,"

" Enough with the talk, you said something about killing me," I stated.

" About that," She answered looking at her watch, " Nevermind, I think that should be enough time for them to finish the job,"

" What?!" I snarled.

" Oh dear, I was only stalling you, giving everyone else the time they needed,"

" I'll kill you!"

" And, that's my cue to leave, bye, for now love," She said before she used her magic to disappear.

Once she was gone for sure I ran as fast as I could back to the pack.



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