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Hello everyone! My name is Aaron :)
I am a 19 years old girl, living in Canada and studying International Development and Globalization in her 2nd year of University!

English is not my first language (I speak 5 languages) so please excuse some tense mistakes in my writing. Leave a comment if you wish to correct me, and do not worry about hurting my feelings because I am a very positive person. :)
I am also very friendly and I do not judge people. Therefore, feel free to PM me whenever and I respond quite promptly, btw. ;)

Reading novels has always been a joy but, writing one from scratch is just another feeling in its own! I hope my stories are loved by many and also suggestions will be welcomed with much joy! I do appreciate the time that each person takes to comment their thoughts, ideas, and perspectives onto this platform. Keep on Movellin' :)

- Aaron

P.S. I don't mind if anyone sends me his or her stories or even a few chapters.. It would be my pleasure to dive into something new! :)

A humble request to all: Please do not write any hurtful or inappropriate comments in any of my stories. If some of you wish to do so and get involved 100% in the stories I have started.. Let me know if there's ever a better ending for whichever story you choose.. I will write a special Credit in your favor at the end of the chapter or at the beginning of the book itself along with the names of everyone else who have contributed in the making of the given masterpiece in question ;)

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    Omg omg you have Dylan as your dp!!!!!! Just watched Teen Wolf Season 5's first epi and dayummmm !!! I love STALIAAAA SO MUCHHH ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
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