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Cute as a button every single one of you! :-). Directioner with braces, could I be much nerdier?

  • Abby_1disdabomb
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    Can I have an imagine with harry? I have red hair hazel eyes and my name is abigail or Abby
    ♡♡ One Direction Imagine's (part 2)
    ♡♡ One Direction...
    if you want one comment with -your name -which boy(s) -story line if specific about one -details about yourself love y'all
  • Abby_1disdabomb
    I'm Abby or Abigail. Louis Tomlinson. I have red hair and hazel eyes. I want it to be a proposal in Paris when they're on tour
    1D cute imagines x
    1D cute imagines...
    Plz leave comments if you want one! 1)Boy 2)Descrption of you(hair,eyes ect) 3)Place 4)Plot 5)Anything else you want I do not do mature content stories sorry
  • Abby_1disdabomb
    Can I have one with harry?? My name is Abigail i have red hair and hazel eyes. I'd like it to be cute and dramatic! Thanks in advance xxx
    One Direction Imagines!
    One Direction Imag...
    I write imagines involves 1D and occasionally 5sos :) they range from dirty, sad, happy, romantic, etc.. -you have to list your age for the dirty imagines sorry -as of now requests are closed (check...
  • Abby_1disdabomb
    Can I have one with Louis? My name is Abigail I have red hair and hazel eyes! Thanks!
    One Direction Preferences
    One Direction Pref...
    Just some One Direction Preferences(: I do personals! Also if you have any ides, leave them in the comments!(:
    Royce Bae
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    Of Course(: There are a few in front of you, though(: I will get to it soon though(:
  • Abby_1disdabomb
    My name is Abigail, I have red hair and hazel eyes. Harry styles and proposal
    One Direction Imagines and Preferences!!!!!!! ~~ON HOLD~~
    One Direction Imag...
    Hey!!! So I'm gonna start writing Imagines and Preferences!! To ask for one, comment on this and tell me: Name, Eye/Hair color, which boy for the imagines, and if you have a specific story or plot in mind......
    Sami Goldshine~Appleshine
    Okay! It should be up in a bit
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