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Hi, I love writing. I seriously do love to write, whenever and wherever I can really- its a way to get your imagination geared up! I've been writing from a young age and I think it started when I was 7 years old and I wrote a story about 100 pages long in a big notebook all about Tracy Beaker. I don't understand why people think it's weird to love writing, cuz writing is just amazing:-) Please read and comment, and like, add to favourites; it really would mean a lot! I'm not as good at poems, but still check them out anyway? My favourite subject is English, obviously.Thank you if you've read all of this:) If you would like me to read your movellas just ask and I'll happily comment, and perhaps be a bit cheeky and ask you to read mine too;) I'm 13 by the way just thought I'd pop that in there, so yeah! Like, favourite and comment, I love being part of the Movellas community! Erm what else...ooh I'm a huge directioner and potterhead! I can't stop reading and watching Harry Potter over and over, I love it too much<3 Thanks to everyone that's read and commented, and please carry on doing so:)