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    hey guys!!! LONG TIME NO SEE!!!! I was wondering if everyone could please go follow my friend @Brooklynn1378 !!! amazing writer!!!!! comment when done and I'll give you or your book a shout out and read any one of them you choose!! i'll be checking to make sure tho!!!! :)))
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    hey guys, would you mind checking out an amazing writer I just recently discovered by the name @just_love_yourself ?? a small favour?? :)
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    oh my goodness thank you for all this love and support! haha
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    mumbled "Why I Write...Can You See It...."

    I have a question to ask you,
    Do you enjoy my stories?
    my books?
    do you understand why I write?
    do you see my story hidden in between the lines?
    take a guess...
    which story's my story?
    which one is my hidden tale?
    can you see it?
    is it there?
    oh I promise you, it's there...
    can you see it?
    what's my story?
    are you looking hard enough?
    concentrating hard enough?
    cause it's there...
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    mumbled "KIK! :) Anyone?"

    Hey guys, my KIK is
    'BALXO123' !!!
    Please KIK me I'm BORED and LONELY!!!!
    We can talk about books! Love! Whatever!
    Love ya guys :) ;) <3
    RDM Goldlight the slurg
    I will kik you tomorrow! Gots to go to sleep so I'm not a zombie at school tomorrow. Night! xxxx
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    mumbled "My Mood Right Now..."

    "Circles, we're going in circles
    Dizzy's all it makes us
    We know where it takes us
    We've been before
    Closer, maybe looking closer
    There's more to discover
    Find out what went wrong
    Without blaming each other"