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I write to get all my thinking out. My mind is small. I read to distract myself form thinking. Sometimes I just need a break.

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    This is good... Please update....
    The Well |One-Shot Competition Entry|
    The Well |One-Shot...
    There's always been a place you've been told not to go. Sometimes you go into those places and come out unscathed. And sometimes you learn that your mother knows best.
    Sorry, but this is a one-shot, meaning there is only one chapter. Thank you for the complement though! :)
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    Really good.....
    Let's Just Call Them Monsters
    Let's Just Call...
    George Angel's nightmares have left him scared to sleep, but at least he knows they'll never come true. Aliens. Zombies. Monsters. Sickness. Killing. Dying. Losing his loved ones. Losing his mind. He tells...
    Jem Wakefield
    2 years ago
    Wow, thank you!! (That was a quick response of mine XD)
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