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When I write, it's kind of a spur of the moment thing for me. I mostly write when I feel like . . . or rather, when I feel my characters are ready.

I have a big imagination and I am never satisfied with reality.

  • brisk3000

    mumbled "Just Another Cliché Romance Story!"

    1 weeks agoReply

    Today was a good day. Seriously, I meet the most interesting people in hospitality. SMH! Most of them make it hard for me to have a shit day. And because of that…

    Because… I am in such a chill mood…

    I decided to drop 2 CHAPTERS!!

    Just Another Cliché Romance Story!Some Of The Best Experience In Life Happens Spontaneously And Some Of The Best Loves Are Discover In Places One Least Expected Bonnie and Ikki met...

  • brisk3000

    mumbled "DECIDED!!!! "

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    I have decided to split "Dance with the Devils" into “2 Light Novels”. I have enough materials to do so and, I seriously, suddenly, JUST thought of this and figured, why not?

    I have been working on this story for what feels like forever. I have written it over and over—in order to get it to where it is now, and I still feel I can do so much more with it, but I won’t toy with it too much.

    The original work for this story was so depressing to write because my MC is so…emotional and…heartbroken? Anyway, I hope I have done a good job portraying his emotions.

    Since it’s splitting into 2 books, I guess this will be the end of book one for now.

    Thank you all for taking the time to read my work. Truly, am grateful.

    Rain :)
    3 weeks ago
    I look forward to reading! Xx
    3 weeks ago
    Thanks for following me. I do hope you enjoy reading my stories.
    Rain :)
    3 weeks ago
    No problem. Im sure i shall. :)
  • brisk3000

    mumbled "NEW STORY *Just Another Cliché Romance Story!*"

    1 months agoReply
    Some Of The Best Experience In Life Happens Spontaneously

    Some Of The Best Loves Are Discover In Places One Least Expected

    And So Does A Broken Heart!

  • brisk3000

    mumbled "UNABLE"

    3 months agoReply
    I wanna update my stories but it seems the site is having problems. I cannot load or edit my work, I think I had this issue once before. Any suggestions?
    Jade Wolffe
    3 months ago
    Not me but I know other people have had this issue. I type in Google Docs so I rarely edit on here. Publishing seems fine. I'm having issues with my covers and pictures again, though, where I can't edit them and they don't save. They only eternally have the loading swirl.
    Olivia Mcbear
    3 months ago
    Maybe try writing on Word or some other type of document. If your having trouble to edit or upload your work, I've found editing on a computer/laptop works fine, whereas it doesn't on a tablet or phone. Hope that helps!
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