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My name is Julia Tomlinson.
(I'm the one in the middle)I'm Really random- Not as random as most people, but mostly I'm quiet. Not antisocial. Just quiet.
First things first. I like to write. You are probably thinking 'duh, why did she even join this site if she didn't'. But I do. I just finished reading a book called 'I Hunt Killers'. It's a great book. Good read. Another thing, see over there? -> That little button saying 'become a fan?' Just press it. I dare you to. I double dare you to. Just one click. All done:)

A few more words.

1. I am a Directioner
2. I am a Belieber
3. I from Doncaster, England
4. I love Louis Tomlinson
5. I love Nathan Sykes

And if you want to follow me or ask me something, like a request for a book or something on twitter here's the link


Well. As Dumbledore once said. 'Of course this is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth does that not mean it is not real?' (Something along those lines)

Another few words.

I like Doctor who.
I like Torchwood.
I like Good Luck Charlie.
I like Justin Bieber
I like Hunter Hayes
I like Coner Maynard

And I have started a group against all the movellas on One Direction, because really it's getting ridiculous. Too many books about the same five boys.

Follow the link.