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I am a fan of Supernatural, Doctor Who, Marvel, Harry Potter, The Princess Bride, and BBC Sherlock, so naturally, im a Superwhovelpotterbridelock fan!!! XD XD i just made that up! I really dont have a lot of time to write but i do try to :)))

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    mumbled "friendzoned"

    Well I guess karma is at it again... I friendzoned one of my guy friends a while ago and i found out today that the guy i like only thinks of me as a friend :( I really thought he liked me too because we are the best of friends and ive liked him for a while now, but apparently i "just remind him of his cousin" i hate karma...
    Georgia Shadownight
    I feel for you and ikr, karma sucks.
    6 years ago
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    I think that your story switched around a little bit. Near the beginning, it was a boy that walked into the room crying, and then you wrote him out as a girl. If that was on purpose, or if it is from the boys POV at that point, i would note it either in the comment or in the story its self so no one gets confused :)))
    This is a Dystopian Short Story about the end of times when an insidious plague leaked out onto the world.
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    I love this movella! If you can, you can check out my page, i have a fantasy novel on there :)
    The Black Raven
    The Black Raven
    A certain curse can never be wiped away. That certain curse conceals itself in the depths of Raven. Of a day she is a child; prohibited from the outside, but of a night she is the black raven, soaring...
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    mumbled "New Movella :)))"

    Hai guys i just posted a new movella based on a dream i had a very long time ago. I used to log all my dreams in a journal thing and i decided to turn them into stories! Please check it out! Its called A Way Into Darkness, and its set in the medieval times, of course with magical things involved! It'd be great for feedback!
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