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All about those competitions! ��

  • Bookish_things
    So could I sort of re-write a john green book but change it up? And does it have to be one of the three displayed or could I do it on any of his other books? @[GeorgiaT]
    4 years ago
    It says "John Green Books (All)" so absolutely any.
  • Bookish_things
    Hey could you all take a look at my entry please, its not finished yet but its a start thanks xxx
    DestructionTrapped in a word he think's he just about knows, eight-teen year old, Dylan Hirens learns he doesn't quite know anything. He's told not to trust anyone...
  • Bookish_things
    hi Im so sorry to bother but my friends story has reccently been deleted for some reason, luckily she had the chapters written down so she could re publish the book but she has lost all her favs and likes on it. Could you please please please go and have a look, its a Zayn Malik fanfiction and was at the top of the months popular page before it got deleted. It would meen so much. Heres the link:
    Malik's"What about her" I ask walking over to the small girl curled up into a ball sitting on the cells dirty grounds. Her face was dirty like she had been there...
    but if that doesnt work her name is JadeZMHNLPLTHS thanks so much xx sorry to bother xx
    Beauty and the Geek
    Beauty and the Gee...
    Emily has everything she has ever wanted; popularity, a handsome, all-star athlete boyfriend and a top spot on the cheerleading squad. So why does it feel like she has nothing at all? When her grades...
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