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So what can I say about myself?

I don't mean to sound cheesy or anything but in real life I'm quite shy and I find it better to express myself through writing. It is what I do to fill my free time and I find myself working on as many writing projects as I can. Actually, I sometimes abandon something to work on something new but I know must stop or else it would go a bit too far. So, I hope you'll love my stories but as a warning I write mainly Teen themed fiction and boy-on-boy stories. I'm not that confident in my writing but if you like then I guess that's all that matters ^.^


Real Name: Chelsea Leigh

Nickname(s): Chel, Chilly, Chelly, Rinnie, Chessy (by Niamh) and whatever you like ;)

To not ask questions, is to know nothing. Hey, my name is Chelsea Leigh or any varietion of that. Notably shy when out in public but once you get to know me, I'm a real sweetheart.

I <3 1D

Doesn't that sound lovely? I'm a fan of Larry Stylinson; I <3 the bromance and believe it is quite beautiful. I also like the Irish accent and blondes or brunette. Call me, Nialler ;) Oh, wait, that will never happen, right? ¬¬;

Spoons, Cats, Carrots, Nandos and Mirrors are allowed ;D Simply because they remind of five special boys ^///^

I support BoyxBoy & GirlxGirl stories <3

I don't believe in lebeling someone as Gay, Straight or Bisexual. I see everyone as human beings; nothing more, nothing less. I try to see the good in people. Don't like this? Then you know where to go.

Ships Larry, Niam, Nosh, Danteasers (LOL!), Dron, Deamus & ASS

wattpad: http://www.wattpad.com/user/Chelsea_Leigh15
email: xanothercorner_@live.co.uk
twitter: @Chelsea_Leigh15
blog site: http://chelsealeigh15.wordpress.com

  • Chelsea Leigh
    These are so cute and rather cheesy! I love them; please continue to write such lovely imagines ^.~

    Chelsea Leigh xx
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    7 years ago
    Ha thanks means a lot babe ;)
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