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Chinthaka Nanayakkara is a Brand Ambassador for - the popular mobile social media platform that is dedicated for emerging new writers across the globe.

He is well known among the Sweek community for his helpful guidance, friendly demeanor and prompt assistance. He also offers free editing and free book covers for all beginners who has a potential to become promising writers. His favorite quote is 'help others, it helps you!'

Recently Chinthaka's travel based short story AEA TRIANGLE was published in paperback by the leading Australian writers' website NITH in their latest anthology : SEASONS OF DISCONTENT.

His Best Book and Most Popular Book written for Sweek THREE REALMS that explains the existence of humanity and all life in this universe, passed 1000 reads within less than two months.

His origins can be traced back to 2007:

Tycoon's Pastime (2007)

My Sweetheart (2007)

Adam's Ladder (2007)


Two Yards Below (2016)

AEA Triangle (2016)

A Tall Guy With Three Holsters

Dying Jason

Campus Platoon

  • Chinthaka Nanayakkara
    What a start, dear! Keep it up!
    being single
    being single
    It's about the benefits of being single. If are single since long time ... No worries it's not bad Infact it's got many good angles and advantages ❤️❤️❤️
  • Chinthaka Nanayakkara
    Poor dear. Did this really happened? Oh no.
    falls in love only to be heartbroken but gets saved by her bestfriend
    falls in love only...
    its about a girl who falls in love with pablo but pablo doesn't seem to be a good guy. he breaks girls hearts because his friends gives him bets he wins them every time time but is he sure to follow his...
    1 years ago
    yes it did happen
  • Chinthaka Nanayakkara
    Elliot's death was so sudden. Robert, you should develop this!
    The Campgrounds 3 A novel
    The Campgrounds...
    The campgrounds in the Montana mountains is full of hikers...and campers. When several campers are attacked by black bears, the rangers decide to take drastic action to close the camp again. The exciting...

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