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  • ChristianNoah

    mumbled "I'm baaack!"

    Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been on much, site's been glitching a bit on my end. So hopefully I'll be able to update a few stories and maybe even make a few new ones!
    yah i think u can catch up lol ive been gone to
  • ChristianNoah
    I don't like how so many people think Zoey and I are dating when we're not. So what if she hugged me? Are friends not allowed to hug each other without being accused of being in a relationship?? I hate it and that's one of the reasons I don't bother much with relationships anymore.
    Isabelle Lightwood
    Oh, gosh I have been there. I feel ya. But, I also have advice! Just brush it off! Everyone thought Ryan and I were dating, when we weren't. (We may be now, but that's not the point) It bugged me for a while, but I learned to get over it. It will get to you sometimes, but as long as you know they're wrong, it will go away. Keep your head held high!
    4 years ago
    If you are tired of people talking about it, why are you spreading it on the internet?
  • ChristianNoah

    mumbled "Help .-."


    I need help with a new story I'm thinking about making called "afraid of the dark". I'm basically going in blind with only the cover having been made, I have no ideas at all for a plot or backstory so someone please help.
    4 years ago
    a person was walking through the woods during the night and dissappeared, then people are trying to find her, and find the dangers that they never knew were in the woods
  • ChristianNoah

    mumbled "STORY TRANSFER OuO"

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    Thinking about transferring all my stories to my wattpad account so people can enjoy them on there as well. Any thoughts?
    Isabelle Lightwood
    I think that's a cool idea, I say go for it! I don't really care for wattpad, but I think it's a good idea for you! :)
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