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Hey y'all! I'm bisexual and I love Cody Carson, Set It Off, BTS, Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, Heathers, and Anime. My preferable gender pronouns are they, them, their. I'm an Aries. I also love watching The Office.
My favourite quotes:
"I'm not crazy. I prefer the term mentally hilarious."
"Only two kinds of people exist in this world. Those who steal, and those who are stolen from."
"You said that dreams come true. But you forgot to tell me that nightmares are dreams, too."
"Someday I'll become a memory, and you won't even remember me."
"Inside of each of us there is a seed of both good and evil. It is a constant struggle as to which one wins."
And the last one goes to an old friend:
"Thanks for ignoring me when I needed you the most."


by , Thursday August 16, 2018
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    mumbled "Hey y'all"

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    So, before I leave on friday, I'm going to update a few of my stories. If you guys have certain ones you want me to update, please let me know. Otherwise I'm just going to update the ones with the most views. Love you all, and stay safe!
    - ♥ Soulless ♥
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    mumbled "Okay, I know I just got back, but..."

    After next week, I'm going to have to go offline for the summer. I'm only supposed to use this for schoolwork, and if my mom sees me on it when I don't have school, she's going to flip her shit. So as of about next wednesday or thursday, I'll be gone again.
    Preslee Lily Potter ❤️ :)
    can't you go to the library and use their computers and go on to the website for the summer oh wait I forgot we can't go anywhere cause of the COVID well my plan backfired sorry
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    mumbled "Bad News Again..."

    So my mom found out I was on here, and I can no longer be online. But if you guys wanna message me on Sweek, you can. My username is JohnnyCakes. I love you all, and I'll miss you!
    Preslee Lily Potter ❤️ :)
    please don't leave
    Mister Tea
    3 months ago
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    I don't understand why a parent would have an issue with this site, it's like one of the most benign child/teen friendly places on the internet.

    I hope one day they relent and allow you on or you can just sneak back on from time to time without them knowing.
    3 months ago
    That what I do......
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