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    mumbled "Freedoms Cost (Attack on Titan, Captain Levi) Chapter Update"

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    Just updated a new chapter, if you want, check it out?

    Ps just to say though it may seem like it at some stages, this isn't a slash and Levi and Erwin are both straight in my story.
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    mumbled "Freedom Cost Preview (Captain Levi) Attack on Titan"

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    Erwin reminded himself he had to be patient as he said more calmly than he was feeling "Look at me Levi"

    "Is that a request or a order Commander?" Levi fumed.

    Erwin winced a little at that but Levi was still breathing hard and Erwin knew despite Levi looking almost normal apart from the anger directed at Erwin, that he was still having difficulty controlling the hunger.

    "Its a request" Erwin answered, his tone soft.

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    mumbled "Freedoms Cost (Attack on Titan, Captain Levi) Update"

    4 years agoReply
    I have just updated my chapter, have a look if you want? ;P The chapter is called Familiar Trainees

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    mumbled "Freedom Cost Preview (Captain Levi) Attack on Titan (Familiar Trainees)"

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    The other boy had already pinned his opponent, a taller burlier boy to the ground.

    "You alright there?" He asked in concern as his oponant didn't get up straight away.

    "I'm fine. Eld, you just caught me by suprise there" The taller boy said, not at all offended or insulted at all at being beaten.

    They both smiled at each other, obliviously friends.

    "Dam" The girl huffed as she got up, she looked angrily at her opponent "That was a dirty move Gunther!"

    He rolled his eyes "Stop crushing on Wagner then and actaully pay attention"

    She flushed brightly, Levi caught Petra sniggering from behind them.


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