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(='.'=) Hi I'm Louise (not my real name ('')_('')��) I love to write & read books and listen to music especially one republic, imagine dragons and Avicii

None :( :(

(='.'=) Please check out my
('')_('') movellas and tell me what I need to improve on, cause everyone has to improve on something.
(\__/) If you want me to read
(='.'=) and review your movella
('')_('') then just tell me and I'll happily comment.

I give quite constructive criticism so don't be down-hearted if I tell you something that you don't really want to hear.
The whole point of feedback is to have people tell you what needs improving, because if you just want everyone to say:
"That's amazing"
"I love it so much!"
"This story is the best ever! Nothing can compare to this!"
Then there is no point in asking people to review your book!

(Sorry to everyone who might think this, but I'm just expressing my opinion)

Book I am reading at the moment is:
Before I Fall
By Lauren Oliver

Short review: This book is amazing! So far I have read 4 chapters out of the seven total, and I would recommend this book to anyone. It is very clever since the girl dies on the first day, but keeps re-living her last day over and over, however everyday she does different things which would change the ending scenario. It is really good and I hope what I have said hasn't spoilt anything for you :p

(Every time I read a new book I will update this section and write a short review :D :D )

Have fun reading!

Btw if anyone has read this far then sorry for it being so long for one thing and also congrats for being bothered to read this! :p.

  • Louise :)

    mumbled "Christmas"

    6 years agoReply
    Hope everyone had a great Christmas, I've had a great time full of food and presents!
  • Louise :)

    mumbled "Why War Cover"

    6 years agoReply

    So if you haven't read my poems in Why War then I recommend you to check it out! This is the cover I'm trying to upload, but at the moment it's not working so here's a preview of it before I can be able to put it up :P @[ATarnishedSoul]

    All credit for this amazing cover goes to @[scenebeast]
    If you want a cover done by her then go to her movella Mine Covers: My Covers and order by following the instructions.
    6 years ago
    Okay, I'm gonna check now :)
    Sami Goldshine~Appleshine
    Love, I was wondering, could you do a CC on my movellas Remie And Rebekah, and That's Just How It Goes ?
    Louise :)
    6 years ago
    Yeah sure :D
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    mumbled "More Than This Comp"

    6 years agoReply
    For the more than this competition it says there are 10 winners, but it has only shown the top three. How can you find out who the runner ups are?
    Eve Smallman
    6 years ago

    More Than This: The Winners

    by Jordan Philips, Wednesday October 9, 2013

    This blog post has the ten shortlisted and then the three winners from that :)
    Louise :)
    6 years ago
    thanks so much :D
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    mumbled "Im so happy"

    6 years agoReply
    I have just been able to start and edit the mistakes I made in my book The Hidden Valley!!! I haven't been able to do this for months, but now I have started to add paragraphs to the chapters, at the moment I'm on chapter 2 in editing. But I am hoping to finish the rest soon :)
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    mumbled "Stuff that I find hard"

    6 years agoReply
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    I don't know about you but it is really hard to type things without using the spacebar....
    like if you try and type:
    'When you make a tag you cannot use the spacebar or the tag will go off before you have finished'
    Then it will be really difficult; You can try it in the comments, but this is my attempt of it (and I wont delete anything I get wrong otherwise it just looks like I am perfect at it:

    'Whenyoumakeatagyoucannotusethespacebarorthetagwillgooffbeforeyouhave finished'
    Noooo I nearly did it but then I had to press the spacebar because of stupid habits!! Ok I will only try to get it one more time because I'm sure no one wants to read me do all of the attempts;
    Yay I did it!! :D why don't you try it (If you have even got this far in reading this!), its quite funny :D :D I DARE YOU!!!!!! Now you have to do it :P
    Louise :)
    6 years ago
    Well really its only one thing I find hard so I don't know why in the title I put Stuff I find hard...
    6 years ago
    I started writing make instead of use, damn!
    Louise :)
    6 years ago
    @[TheFuzz ϟ] that's quite good though :D