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Hey guys, you probably don't remember me but I was inactive for like 2 years. I'm going to try and be more active. If anyone needs to talk please come to me and I'll help you the best way I can ��❤️

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    mumbled "Updating Schedule "

    Hey guys,
    Recently I have started Band Camp which means that most of my free time is gone. So I have decided to update on the weekends until I have time to update again. Sorry if this is an inconvenience for anyone.
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    My average life? Um excuse me I was ask first by 2 people
    Fake Love, True Love.
    Fake Love, True...
    In a world where the average person is extremely lucky, Alyssa will finally meet her idols in a way very few have before. Will her friends find love along the way too or is it all downhill for everyone?...
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    mumbled "Hey Guys!"

    Hey you all probably don't remember me but it's nice to be back. I am hoping to get back to writing and hope you guys will like to read.

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    But... I.... Alex... Eli... -cries-
    Hi, I'm Your Daughter
    Hi, I'm Your Daugh...
    "Fourteen years ago, you and someone else had a baby. I am that baby." Rose has always been a foster kid. Because of heart issues when she was born, she was never adopted. That is, until she finds her...
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