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My goal is to test myself as a writer- to place myself outside of my comfort zone and to challenge myself.

Literary influences: David Weber, John G. Hemry, Peter F Hamilton, John Scalzi, Roald Dahl

I highly recommend the Old Man's War Saga from John Scalzi and John G. Hemry's Lost Fleet Saga if you like clever science fiction!

What else am I into? Formula 1, Liverpool football club, and a lot of sci-fi. I am a geek and proud of it! Star Trek, Star Wars, and all the rest- I love 'em.

There is more to me than that though. I thoroughly enjoy Criminal Minds, Spartacus and 24.

Oh, by the way, I have my own website now:

  • darth_timon

    mumbled "Been a While"

    6 months agoReply
    Greetings Movellians - been a while. Partly that's due to a lack of inspiration on my part, though I've put together a couple of chapters of something new, chapters I need to go back to and revise before they make their way here. Ideally what I need is a partner for this idea, someone who enjoys both sci-fi and battles - and an alien perspective, shall we say. If you're interested/intrigued, let me know!
  • darth_timon

    mumbled "Been a While"

    10 months agoReply
    My first little... story. Except it's not a story.
    One Final DanceThis is based on a dream which left me incredibly emotional. I don't know what brought this dream about and I've never experienced anything like it.
  • darth_timon

    mumbled "A New Little Home?"

    11 months agoReply
    Word up peeps. Ok, I'm not good with cool hip speak. Do people even say hip anymore? Anyway, I'm here to be blatant about sticking a post up to drive some attention toward my personal website's forums - the aim being to kickstart some discussion about the various subjects of the day, be it something serious or something fun. It's entirely up to you guys, but if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Movellas (not that I have anything against it!), it might offer a different type of space, for creativity too.
    John Bryan
    10 months ago
    Hello, I haven't been on in a while so hello again and I'll check out your site.

    Don't worry I don't do hip speak either, the only people who do are probably the ones who want one replaced and the surgeon performing the hip op.
  • darth_timon

    mumbled "A Place to Muse"

    1 years agoReply
    At the risk of exposing the world to my horrible voice, here’s an open invitation to you all...
    Mister Tea
    1 years ago
    I have accepted the invitation, well sort of.

    I posted a comment in one section but couldn't find a login or register to become a member page.

    Also your voice isn't horrible at least not compared to mine. I've heard my own on voice messages for other people and didn't like it. Then I recorded mine intending to use it on a book trailer I was making and that is where I discovered just how monotonous it is.
    1 years ago
    I’ve added you as a member, despite your Liverpool comment! You hopefully had an email about it!
  • darth_timon
    1 years agoReply
    You never know, I may revisit it. I’m trying to gear up for a massive re-write of a different story, an historical one.
    The Terminator Redux
    The Terminator Red...
    A re-telling of the classic 1984 film The Terminator, about a cyborg sent from 2029 to destroy humanity's saviour, before he is even born.
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