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Rissa, daughter of Hecate here! And I'm not really one for talking about myself, but here goes nothing!

I love writing! Obviously! I am a bit shy, but don't let that keep you from talking to me! Once I open up, I won't shut up! XD


-Star Wars
-SHIPS! *le cannon fire in the distance*
-Mythology in general

I live by the motto that food, duct tape, and super glue can solve any problem.

I live in the Procrati-Nation, population: 7 billion.
Industry: None.
Exports: Denial, Guilt, and Justification.
Our sole source of sustenance is Netflix (;

As you can tell I'm sure, I'm a quirky weirdo just making my way through the world. #collegelyfe #barelylegal

I'm a little insane, yes, but the best people always are! (:

  • DaughterOfHecate-

    mumbled "HALP ME PLEASE, GUYYYSSSS!!!"

    MY DEAR MOVELLIANS! I call to you for assistance! I need to finish the RD of a short story for my creative writing class by MONDAY, and I need someone (multiple people would be even better) to critique the living HELL out of it. Like please. Tear it to shreds! I don't even care, since that's what I NEED. If you're willing to help, just tell me and I'll give you the link to the draft. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GUYS! I'm desperate here!!!
    5 years ago
    Would you be able to set it up as a draft Movella and use early access? Sorry, I know that's extra hassle, but I'd prefer to keep stuff on Movellas... sorry :/ but also, if I forget to come back to this, please please please remind me, don't feel like you're being pushy, I'm an awful procrastinator (and oops, now that I think of it I owe someone CC from two weeks ago) and I just need a reminder xD
    @[Raven711] Yeah, sure I can do that! (: The code is 0ec187f4-895c-4ead-ac6e-c0a3557dc301. And I just want to say thank you in advance! This is going to help me out a ton!!
    5 years ago
    I'm sooo sorryyyyy I completely forgot I'm really sorry I hope it did okay :/
  • DaughterOfHecate-

    mumbled "FINALLY!"

    I submitted my essay... finally. So now I can just go cry in a corner about how terrible and forced it was. Yay. ;-; UGH... I think I shall write to cheer myself up... *nods* Yes, I shall!
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