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    OMG <3 ! yay !
    These Bruises
    These Bruises
    "Que sera, you'll never guess who I saw." ~ I was loved. I was hurt. That was repeated when I left you. But there are two other people who I love. As a single mom with two little kids in California, my...
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    You need to update now !!!!!!
    Troublemaker In Converses
    Troublemaker In...
    Evelyn Valentine. She's a badass chick, troublemaker and the high school player (You'd expect a boy to be the high school player but no). Every day she'll be in the bed of a different boy, no doubt the...
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    Happy Birthday Maddie <3 !!!!!!
    Little Talks
    Little Talks
    "I don't like walking around this old and empty house." ~ "Are you sure about this Zayn?" I asked with my hands grasping over the railing, wind blowing through my hair. "Don't worry." He tells me. "I'm...
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    Update !!!! More Drama Though Pleasee !
    Jocelyn had always gone to school with a boy named Marcel. Marcel wasn't exactly what you called "popular", but he was a very smart and sweet guy that nobody paid attention to. But one day, that changes...
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    Uh Oh spaghetti o . Poor Girl ! I hope she's okay ! could I be in the story ? Be Louis' or Harry's girl ? But could I know Danielle and be one of her best friends from school ? Oh and could I have hazel eyes , tall , model like , fun , brown wavy hair that goes to my mid-back , and could I be a singer and could I play the guitar too ? I don't know if you've seen 'Tori Kelly' but could I sing and play like her ? Maybe look like her but with the features that I had said before ? Would Be Amazing and Sweet if you put me in the story ! If anything 'kik' me at , 'lizzy_522' ��
    Little Talks
    Little Talks
    Danielle's just a 18 year old musician who wants to sell out arenas. For now, she's just a local bar and street singer, trying to fulfill her dreams in NYC. Her parents typically split up. Her mom moving...
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