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Hi guys so basically I love One Direction like all of you and I love reading and writing on this site so comment on my books if you want me to read some of your books so yeah. Anyway I am a TOTAL DIRECTIONER FOR LIFE!!!!! Sorry I just needed to say that!! :) Anyway I am from australia. Also if you have not watched the Adventurous adventures of One Direction on youtube I absolutely positively recomend it!! Back to tye point I just wanted to say check out my AWESOME!! 2 co authors books their names are
-Nialls Babe
Just wanted to say a big thank you to both of them because they are a big help to me also please pretty pretty please check out my books and fan, like, fave and comment!!
Also as you can tell by my name that I love Louis (Anyone who does ROX!!!)
and also my name is Emma. If you want to know more about me feel free to comment on my mumble called All about me which you can leave questions on. Ok bye for now, actually first here are my fave artists/bands
- One Direction!!!!!!:)
- Little Mix
- Taylor Swift
- James Arthur
- Adele
Ok now I think thats enough for now so bye!!! :)

From Emma

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    Hi guys,

    I have made a new movella called The Unexpected but I probably won't be posting chapter one until July the 20th because my Grandma is in hospital and she had had a TIA stroke which is a warning stroke and I am really sad and not in a good mood so yeah.

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    mumbled "Urgent!!! - Competition for My Best friends brother"

    Hi guys!!

    The competition for My best friends brother was meant to end a couple of days ago but I still have not got someone for Liams girlfriend and Laurens high school bully.

    If you would like one of those parts please comment on this mumble or comment on My best friends brother. Also as soon as those parts fill up I will post a new chapter.


    Its Ok and I'm glad you like it!! :P
    6 years ago
    I might do a movella like this but as the topic of falling in love with your best friends brother I've done that before lol and do u have a gmail or email??
    Yeah I have an email it is


    If you want you can email me now!!:D
    6 years ago
    I emailed u my email is onedirectionlovesjen@gmail.com
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    Ok guys so if you want to know anything else about me just comment here and also I am not 20 years old I am 16 years old but the silly thing will not let me change it but if it does I will comment on this. Any please remember to comment,like,fave and fan me please. It would mean the world to me!!
    Hi again I know I just mumbled this about 2 minutes ago but I got it to change my age to 16!! YAY!!
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    Hi again in my last mumble i forgot to say to check out this video coz i love the song so much!!!!

    And I am also going to update very soon probably today or tomortow so BYE!!
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    mumbled "Hi guys!!!!"

    Hi guys I was thinking because i dont get much activity i might delete my account but if you want it to stay please comment and i really want to but its just coz i dont get a lot of activity so yeah.