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Hi I'm Evelana but you can call me Lana

I love Wolves if you love Wolves or my stories then like them. Fan me and I will fan you back.

I am:
A Demi-god
District 4
Team Chaol
A fan of imagine dragons
A fan of Taylor swift
A fan of Lawson
A fan of Bastile
Part of the Medusa Project
and a doctor who fanatic

My favorite song at the moment is Young Volcanoes

I like to write stories poems and sometimes play scripts.

Spelling is my weak-point so don't be afraid to tell me I spell something wrong

I hope you enjoy my stories

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    mumbled "Fan fiction advice"

    please go and read my new book all about helping people make their fan fictions better. It will really help you I know it will.
    Thanks xx
    Making Fan fiction BetterThis book is in no way intended to hurt anyone's feelings. I am writing this to help people improve what they have already written. If during any part...
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    mumbled "Charred-Within"

    Hey guys I just wanted to shout out to all my fans. So my little sister recently joined Movellas her user is @[Charred-Within Sparrow] and she is such a lovely person so I suggest you fan her you won't regret it
    5 years ago
    aw thank you xx
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    mumbled "I'm Back!!!!!"

    Sorry for not being on I had tonsillitis and was not in the mood. But I'm better and ready for action. I would just like to thank my kind sister Charred-Within for looking after me and keeping me up to date with everything on Movellas so thank you everyone and see you around
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    mumbled "30 FANS!!!!"

    Thank you to all of my fans @[HearMeRoarKaty], @[AJ Connor], @[Lunallamabrian ], @[Blown away in a bubble], @[Ahlaam], @[JezzaRat], @[Emily_Kayee], @[Nita], @[Alanna.lion], @[John Bryan], @[Annabeth chase 4 eva ], @[Holly51768], @[T.Byrne], @[Whitewolfmoon123], @[ATarnishedSoul], @[Mystery Gurlz3], @[Megites], @[Squonk], @[Millstar12], @[E.H.Weaver], @[mybestfriendisapenguin_xX], @[Lily Anna], @[PJManga101], @[GuessWhat? I Love You! ❀ ], @[Crazysmileyfish-in-a-box], @[Indigo_Night], @[Mirlotta] and @[MahoganyPumpkin]. Also @Becca and @Pavlina Y.Sotirova can't get a link but love you all
    It's fine! 1) your epic 2) my baby sister would've murdered me if I didn't, she loves wolves.
    6 years ago
    No problemo :)
    6 years ago
    Hi Lana, do you want to make a cover store with myself Mahogany Pumpkin and HeartTaunter?
    Evelana Sparrow
    6 years ago
    yes please
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    mumbled "Computer"

    urge my computer is on a total go slow someone help