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Name: Keziah

Nickname: Ziah, Kez

Things about me: I am a huge Directioner. I love to sing and listen to music. I love to read and write. I can't live without my phone. And I have stage

I am just one of the wierd girls at my school. I don't care about apperences. Im dating one of the most feared guys at my school which is pretty good. And im kinda popular due to the fact that I was the new kid this year. So yeah that's me

My movella's:
Brotherly Love [in progress]
Take a Bow[In progress]
Can't Stay Away (Harry styles fan-fiction)[In progress]
The Perfect Year {ON HOLD}
The Unexpected [In Progress]
Deserted Life [in progress]

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    mumbled "new puppy!!"

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    Heyy my little kittens!! I am getting a new puppy soon!!! im excited!!!! but......... I don't know what to name it. I like the names Riker and Rebel. but i dont know what to name him. I was hoping u guys could help, just put names in the replys. Ughh, i cant wait!!! <3 ;)
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    Plaza update soon ;)
    Heartbreaker || A Louis Tomlinson Story
    Heartbreaker ||...
    Josslyn was Norway Academies largest player. Every guy wanted a piece of her. She'd gladly give it to them and leave. She was known for her famous one night stands. After all, isnt that what kept guys...
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