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Jasmyne Mother Fucking Hodge

Future Llama

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#shameless self-promoting

I might be 4'11, but all the best candy is fun size

Someone once told me they wanted to drink water out of my dimple

Hugs and Hard Drugs xx

  • ColonelHodge
    Is the blurb from apart of a song?
    Colors // l.h
    Colors // l.h
    everything about me was blue, full of sadness. everything about him was red, burning with love and desire. then he touched me, I became a lilac color full of happiness but he decided that that shade of...
  • ColonelHodge
    This is actually really great :D hope you update soon.
    Only a Voice
    Only a Voice
    ❝ I'm falling for your eyes, but they don't know me yet. ❞ ⇢ Copyright © 2015 horanxo ⇢ All rights reserved. Do not reproduce in whole or in part without prior written permission from the author.
  • ColonelHodge

    mumbled "I was taged....."

    I was tagged by @[Bad_Boys_Bitch] and so I guess I'm doing it.

    Full Name: Jasmyne S. Hodge
    Nickname: Jazz, Jazzy, Jazz-Berry, Jazzy-Fizzle, Booger
    Battery Percentage: 96%
    IPhone or Andriod: IPhone
    Last Person I Texted: My friend Maddie (that whore) jk jk
    Birthday: September 8th
    Last Song I Listened To: I'll Be Good by: Jaymes Young
    Favorite Color: Peach
    Favorite Movie: Reck It Ralf..... (don't judge XD)
    Height: 4'10....... (#shortpeopleproblems)
    Current mood: Happy :P
    5 years ago
    omg we are the same height
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