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I am, different, kind, crazy in a good way, weird in a good way. I am protective of my family and friends. But most importantly i am Me. I LOVE BEING ME AND THATS ALL I AM GOING TO BE. I am Ashlyn and i am am me and i like it that way. GOBA GOBA Ash :)

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    Hi guys I doubt you remember my face and for got you were even following me. But I am done with movellas. I have been struggling with depression issues. This is the last thing I will post. But I will continue to write just because I am now in 9th grade I have won schools best storyteller. And I have entered for my city's contest. Thank you. For supporting me in my decision. I will start writing again on here. But school and many other issues have occurred. bye
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    don't read my Movella if you hat awful grammar lol. (20)
    You Know You're a Movellian When...
    You Know You're...
    Just things Movellians do... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, DON'T COPY!
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    18th- 25th, draw a smile on your finger and keep it there all week (Even in school or work) And pass it on so everyone has one of these smiles. It symbols happiness take a picture with you oh so happy finger and post it with #ohsohappyfinger and enjoy it.
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    We are on are way of moving to a new house, so i will not be on a lot cause I am going to be alot of packing and unpacking.
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