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  • Hi! I'm Awkward
    Hi there...I liked your story it was really sweet...Im so happy for Aubrey:3
    The Complicated Life Of Aubrey Jones
    The Complicated...
    Aubrey wants a lot. She wants her mom to be home more often. She wants to fit in, and for the bullying to stop. She wants a friend. But most of all Aubrey wants to find true love, a person who understands...
    yay thanks ill update soon plz get more people to read it and post comments
  • Hi! I'm Awkward

    mumbled "Help me out?"

    Hi, uhm I was wondering if any of you guys would like to read my story "If this is Love" so far it only has 2 chapters, I wanna know if you guys are liking what I've written so far...so please comment if you choose to read it.
    Thank you(:
  • Hi! I'm Awkward
    ..I really like your story! I can't wait to read more(:
    The Three Musketeers
    The Three Musketee...
    As a child you would often hear the tails of the noble and brave Musketeers who risk their lives to defend France. As a young girl my father often told me stories of these courageous soldiers. As time...
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    thanks so Mich that honestly means the world too me! I will try and update tomorrow!
    Hi! I'm Awkward
    5 years ago
    You're welcome
  • Hi! I'm Awkward

    mumbled "Band lovers anyone?"

    Any band kids out there? I am complete, "band whore" So it'd be awesome to see a few people with the same obsession(:
    I love Pierce the Veil! What about you guys?
  • Hi! I'm Awkward

    mumbled "Hi there!"

    I'm Kacia...well I love bands! You know Pierce the Veil, All Time Low, BlackVeilBrides, Sleeping with Siren...and reading. I'm new here..and seems like a pretty cool place. I looking forward to sharing my stories, and reading all of yours(:
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    Welcome to Movellas!
    Hi! I'm Awkward
    5 years ago
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