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HI. My name is Zoe. I am starting to get into writing and i love to draw. My life is pretty much twitter, instagram, facebook, one direction, and tumblr. I am new to movellas and I am now a co author of my friend livingandlovinglife's new story. Byee

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    mumbled "Music "

    I honestly think that music helps alot of people through things. People shouldnt judge what kind of music people listen to most of all because it could be the only thing keeping them happy. Find something that makes you happy and do it even if people dont agree with what your doing because at the end of the day ts just you and no one else. Life is too short to be worrying about what other people think about you.
  • _frozenwolf_

    mumbled "One Direction"

    Im not gonna hate on one direction and who they date because they deserve to be happy. They sont have to always please the fans that scream in their faces and make dirty fanfiction. They don't have to do anything for us and when they dowe just want more. We can't just leave them be and let them be happy for once. Sure they aren't dating people they said they would but people change so stop hating on their girlfriends because one day they will stop doing all of this for us. Let them do what they want for us and leave them be. Invading their privacy isn't the answer its making them more and more stressed. One day their going to wake up and say they dont want to do this anymore. Just stop because personally I don't want to loose them because they are the only thing that makes me happy now a days. They are just normal people and they can make their own decisions. just stop.
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