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Hey I'm Jordyn and I love one direction I love to write fanfics about them

I also have a wattpad MrStylesDimples

Yes I'm going to be posting Not Your Typical Teenage Boys
On here also
So I'm just letting you guys know I did not copy I'm the actual author I'm putting it on here for more exposure thank you guys so much for reading and enjoy

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    OMG can't belive school is tomorrow i'm going to miss you guys so much i was just listening to this song by hannah montana (don't judge me) it brought back memories and it made me cry its called always remember you i was like aww i'm so sad it really sucks that i moved i will miss all of you guys so much tell the others i miss them (Avion,Julia.P,Alissa)etc but yeah ttyl oh and my phone is still taken away and this is the only way i can contact you unless you make a polyvore its a fashion website my name is jordyn-styles and tumblr is chick243 but yeah bye....
    oh and by the way its Jordyn T
    The College Frat Boy
    The College Frat...
    Carli is just your average girl. Smart, funny, nice, but that's until she met Niall. Niall is the complete opposite. He's the most popular boy in college, and the most popular frat boy as well. What happens...
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    hey i wanted to wish you Happy belated birthday because i got my phone taken away and my mother made me delete my ig so this is the only way i contact you
    Love Isn't Easy
    Love Isn't Easy
    Olivia, Olivia Smith. Her life is pretty hectic, if you should say. It all started with a boy named Louis Tomlinson, yes, the boy from One Direction. Since Olivia has met him, everything has changed. Drama,...
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    Ey girl it's jordyn
    Just Another Love Story (Completed)
    Just Another Love...
    Hi! My name is Ellie Collins. Im 18, verry outgoing and love to laugh,and oh, and did I mention that I'm the girlfriend of Harry Styles from One Direction? I forgot to? Oops, well now you know! We've been...
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