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Hello~ 。◕‿◕。
I love anime, manga, animals, being around in nature, dresses, and art. My favorite anime is Ouran High School Host Club and my favorite manga is Naruto, so if I do end up making a fan fic it'll probably be something around those two. I choose to write stories that come to my own mind, so don't think that you'll only see fan fics on my page. ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚ ..... That is if I even do a fan fic.....

I don't know about this site, but on a website called figment they did these things called swaps. I don't know if this site has a similar thing to that or not, but if you do want to swap I'll except them. However, I wont read the following unless I feel like it (sawee in advance):

- One Direction fanfics

- Twilight fanfics

- Stories that are way to long (like 100 or so chapters.)

- Stories about animals (like ones that make you cry. You make me cry I break your face!)

- Stories without paragraphs.
I will always except:

- Naruto fanfics (especially ones about the Akatsuki!~)

- Ouran high school host club fanfics

-b1a4 fanfics

- Fantasy stories similar to lord of the rings or the hobbit

- Books that make me smile~

When we swap, I'll most likely say just read something of mine and say how I did on it~ If I get a half-assed response on my books like "It was really good." expect the same for you~

If you don't like how I write (My writing style), or just want to be mean for what ever reason (I know how people are!) I'm like deidara with his art. Writing is my art, so please don't be really cruel to me. I will have dei-chan come after you! ┗( ●-﹏ `。)づ Like if you just say my work sucks, have something to at least back you up other wise you just look like a prick.....

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