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Callie is the name.
16 is the age.
One Direction/5SOS are the fandoms.
Txmblr Stxr a.k.a Taylor is the bae/best friend.
Hipsta Wishes is me.

|11th Grader| |TC| |More movellas to come| |Zayn Malik| |Calum Hood| Txmblr| |Hxpstxr| |Me <3|

Movellas to come.......
-Summer Love
-Life Of An Ex

Movellas working on........
-Short Stories

If you want to read anymore, you're completely bonkers!
Bye-Bye :)

~Hipsta Wishes

  • Hipsta Wishes

    mumbled "Sorry I haven't been on lately!"

    Sorry I haven't been on lately! I broke my arm a couple of days ago, and I've gotten the hang of typing with my right hand, and with my broken arm's fingers, even though the fingers are in one spot, not moving whatsoever. I was also on vacation #ArubaIsBeautiful. Yes people, I went to Aruba, don't question it! Loads of fun!
    Amour Tay Tay
    5 years ago
    Hope you feel better
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