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Hi! My name is Chynah, I am 16 and can't sleep -.-

Kik : chynah99

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I do follow/fan everyone back!

  • rawr the fangirl

    mumbled "Nearly a year"

    In 3 days time, I will have been on this website for a year and I would love to say it has been an incredible year! Movellas has given me so much support through my writing and I would like to say thank you to every single reader and fan of mine and I hope in the next year that I can continue writing for you <3 :)
    6 years ago
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    Continue your work we all know you will go a long way and we shall all support you for the rest of your days good luck
    Iris just Iris
    6 years ago
    rawr the fangirl
    6 years ago
    Thanks guys :)
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    mumbled "New story idea"

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    At the moment I am writing a story on wattpad called Don't Forget Where You Belong -(Nemi's Child) and was wondering if anyone would like to read it?
    Here's the blurb:
    Finding your feet in the big wide world can take time, and a lot of patience. And 14 year old Esme has been trying for 5 years already. When she was born, she was thrown into the adoption agency. At age 3, she was adopted by the Woods and has stayed with ever since. Not a single day has gone by with out her constant thoughts fretting about her parents. Niall Horan and Demi Horan, married for ten years and have three children. They gave Esme up back in 2011 after one drunken night. They lost all contact with the Adopting Service when Esme was adopted and now, in 2025, they are the closest yet to finding her. *WARNING: This story contains mentions of eating disorders, self harm and depression (< only a little of that)
    7 years ago
    sounds fantastic !!
  • rawr the fangirl

    mumbled "Next chapter"

    I just want to tell all my readers that I am in the process of finally writing the next chapter. It is a little boring at the moment and I still have no idea what I am writing but at least it is getting done! I don't know when it will be up though so keep and eye out :)
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