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    mumbled "Time for a change"

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    Hi fantastic barbarics! I'm thinking of changing my username. I need it to be Harry potter related but I can't come up with anything good! So if you could think of a funny and creative username for me that would be great! Just tell me what you've thought of and I'll pick my favourite one!��

    That's all for now fantastic barbarics!
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    mumbled "Hi! Plz give me ideas for new stories of tell me something you would like to happen in a story I've already started."

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    need more ideas?
    well if u remeber voldy and harry were already related because of the three brothers that had the deathly hallows
    you do know that the idea came from a 14 year old girl?
    2 months ago
    Cool.Cool. But the three brothers theory is a theory and hasn't been confirmed. But it was a great point! That girl must be very smart! And I would love more ideas!!!!