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Hi, thank you for clicking on my profile:) I'm Jayla.

Most Romantic Movella of the Year (2012)
Best Cover (2012)

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I update depending on the feedback I recieve. So if you want faster updates, Comment and Like! Ideas are encouraged and all are at the least, considered. I need to know what you guys want. I read all comments even if I don't reply.

Random Facts:

~I'm terrified of dolls.
~I can't watch horror movies.
~Purple is my colour.
~Archery is my game.
~Reading and writing is my passion.
~2012 being the end is a myth.
~Hearts are my symbol.
~I remember everything I read.
~I will only swim in an ocean.
~I am terrified of muskcrats, I kidd you not.
~I am a total bookworm, no suprise there.
~I had always wanted to be in acting.
~I have a scary, crazy obsession for The Hunger Games.
~Team Peeta
~Team Patch
~Team Jace
~Haters will hate and lovers will love.
~There are three sided to every story.
~I have an unhealthy craving for nutella all the time.
~I'm not a chatty person but I'll chat with anyone.
~I'm a single lady. If you like it then you should've put a ring on it.
~♫Remember all the sadness and frustration, and let it go♫
~I was born the day and year, Voldemort died. Figure out my age.
~I've been told to tell good advice but you tell me.
~Shane Dawson has talent and no one can say otherwise.

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    mumbled "Cute Couple Do the Whisper Challenge"

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    This made me laugh and I had to share it!
    Please check it out and drop a like for this new hilarious couple
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    Updating very soon everyone!
    Senior Prank
    Senior Prank
    Gracie Lennox has been waiting her entire life to be announced Prom Queen and after surviving her senior year full of pranks thrown by the senior boys, her wish finally comes true. But once Scott Hays,...
    5 years ago
    Hi, dear! @[NathanielStanley] adviced me to read your novels. Would love too :) Hi! Hope you will like mine too :) All the best!
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