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Hello I'm Jessica but most peeps call me Jessi or Jess! I love to read and of course, write! I'll never stop writing ever. I'd die without paper, pens and books! My favorite types are paranormal, mystery, romance, action. But seriously, I love to read pretty much anything and everything. I'm open to swaps! I also love to listen to Katy Perry, Digital Daggars, Kelly Clarkson, Lana Del Rey, Soho Dolls, Kerli, Audio Machine, Evanescence, Taylor Swift, Paramore, Ke$ha, and P!nk. The list can go on forever so in gonna stop now. :D I'm fifteen years old, and eventually I'll be sixteen but in like, ten months! Grr I've lived in New York, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Texas and I currently live in Maine.However, I've moved to Maine now in the beginning of March. I love to travel but cannot keep moving like this it drives me crazy! Shout out to my best friends from Texas : Melody, Kim, Tara, Karlie and Nicole. Can't forget Lee and Natalie from Wisconsin either! Quick hugs to my best friends in Maine that were so amazing to take the 'new kid' in! Thanks to all the support! Huge thanks to mom, dad and my three siblings: Sam, Justin and Mona! I love to eat chocolate and strawberries! For drinks I'll go with milk or root beer. The occasional Mnt. dew works too. I wish my hair was blond instead of boring brown with red heigh lights. They are totally natural which freaks me out! I'm currently sitting on my beanbag chair listening to music really loudly. I support the cause to stop drunk driving. Miss you Alina!!! I also live off of gum. Any kind! What else should I say????? Oh yeah, why are you reading this? Jk. But still, if you really did read this comment below! I also have a wattpad page which I'm very addicted to too and figment. Right now, I'm currently obsessed over werewolves, witches and vampires! Stop bullying! Did you know 1 in every 4 Americans are either bullied or are a bully? Stand up for what's right today. Live everyday to its fullest with no regrets. I'm moving to Maine. Brrr defiantly differnt from Texas! ~JÊŚŠÏÇÄ BĘRŃÊ

My favorite place to read is: Outside or at the local beach/swimming pool. I'm currently: online [+] Offline [ ]

I can't live without: My family, friends, phone, pens, paper,books and Roswell (best TV show ever!)

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