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Hey there :)

I'm Jia Xin (Jee-yah Sin) let's just forget how my surname is pronounced.

I'm 16 this yeah so yeah.


I don't know what to say about myself um I figure skate, eat, dance, sleep and you know does what any other abnormal teenage does.

I can't sing to save my life and I can play the piano.

I write purely for leisure. Not trying to get anything published, well at least not really hoping for.

Ice princess is going to be deleted because I wrote that probably 3 years ago and it's horrid. Bleh.

Whereas Extraordinary is an on going (though at a ridiculously slow pace) Avengers fanfic that me and my friend are working on :)

So if you like a little adventure and action and a bit of the sappy and the cliché check it out kays :)

Jia Xin (PawPrints) :)