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Thank you for clicking on my profile ;)

Well, first of all, I'm Katy! I'm 16 years, and from Denmark.

I guess that's all you get of my private life.

Now let me tell you why I'm on Movellas! :D

Well, it started yeaaars ago, when I found a true passion for writing. I wrote many stories, and then one day, a friend of mine told me about Movellas.
And yea, I started reading here... And suddenly, story after story came out of me :))

Well, yea, many people from my class always ask me like "Why do you write?" and like, I think.. My answer is..

Some people paint, to come out with their feelings and thoughts. Some sing. But me, I write. I write my thoughts, I use them. This is like my way to get out my voice.. And yeah.. I love it..

So yea, that's all you need to know I guess...

Well, I'll write some facts about me anyways xD

-My best friends on here is @Elounor_forever (Louiseee<3), @Hazza's banana (Allyyy<3) and @HoranGirl (Cammyy<3)
- I'm a directioner xD
- I've been a directioner since 12th Decemeber 2010 :)
- Eh, I changed name on here from 'Niall's Patato' to 'Katy M.'
- A quote I live by?
"Life is a game.
Birth is the start,
death is the goal,
and suicide is cheating."

That's all from me <3

Love you all! <3

-Katy x