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Just know you are beautiful and will be amazingly perfect in my eyes... Don't let those fuckers behind computer screens change you! And don't let those idiots you have to bare with tell you anything besides you are perfect

  • kitkat135sos

    mumbled "CO AUTHOR WANTED "

    Yes, yes it may come as a surprise, but my social life and such is getting in the way of my writing. I used to be able to do this because I had Kat. But now i need basically a co owner of this account. Co owning this account includes:
    -Writing and or editing chapters of books
    -Creating your own books if you please
    -Is able to at least check emails or this website daily or 5 times a week
    I know it is a lot but with one or two extra people i feel like we could successfully get this account running. If you are interested...
    Kik: That.1.Murderer
    Twitter (tell me your twitter so i can follow back to DM) : kitkat135sos
    Email (business only so no personal info): cliffordismymuse@gmail.com
  • kitkat135sos

    mumbled "Sneak Peak to new story"

    “Calum it's 7:30 get out of the god damn shower!” My mom yelled through the basement door. I had just finished it excuse me. “Already out!” I yelled back. Getting dressed I noticed the drawing on my desk again. I pulled a shirt over my damp hair and walked over to it. I examined it a bit closer, it was honestly really well done. Was it for a project or something? Do i bring it back to her? I could give it back to her tonight if she decides to come over. I shrugged. I walked over to my little bulletin board that had all of my sports papers and shit, i grabbed a thumb tack and placed the drawing right in the middle. I looked at it for a few more seconds before realizing i had to be at school by 8.

    There will be three more sneak peaks when i get the first five chapters of this new mystery story written. Release date is unknown, I have a title, story line and a cover, all that is needed is beautifully written chapters and it will be published
    Asteria Grace
    4 years ago
    OoOoh, I'm excited!
    4 years ago
    I'm hearing myself screaming bc u haven't updated yet

  • kitkat135sos
    Hey! I remember I used to be obsessed with your stories! It would be awesome to re connect with you or something if that doesn't sound weird ��
    Asteria Grace
    4 years ago
    Aww, thanks! Of course, that doesn't sound weird at all! How've you been?
  • kitkat135sos

    mumbled "Song of the day! 1 "

    Song of the day is "Everybody's Watching Me (Uh oh)" by The Neighborhood. If you had to choose what would your song of the day be?
  • kitkat135sos

    mumbled "Interaction? Watt pad!"

    Hey! Ok so from now on, new stories of mine and such are going to be on Wattpad. The stories on here will stay on here but I will be putting things on Wattpad and such. My Wattpad is HopelessMusicL0v3r I think. I will comment a link �� I made it two years ago, hence the stupid name. Also I want to start interacting more with everyone. I'm almost at 300 fans which is amazing. I'm going to do a song of the day. So I'm active everyday ��. And if people actually start commenting and everything I want to start doing fans or people of the week. For now I'll just notice my favorite writers on here. Hope to start hearing from people. It gets quite lonely here ��
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