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  • LandisPants
    6 years agoReply
    She's preeeeeeeeeegnant!!!!!!!!!! This story really gets better and better each chapter
    Teenage Criminals
    Teenage Criminals
    'If I told you would you take it the wrong way?' His hot breath hit the side of my face making me flush. 'I will take it anyway you want.' I whisper slowly into his ears. Closing my eyes. I fell...
    6 years ago
    Thanks and yes she is...
  • LandisPants

    mumbled "FANFIC TIME!!!!"

    6 years agoReply
    I just made my first fafic :3 Its One Direction, and not just one bandmember, so I might be getting a little ahead of myself... But too bad. I wanna do it. Its called Eight Directons and the covers kinda crappy, but its five twenty in the morning and I need to go to bed now so... Please read it?
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    6 years agoReply
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    Commas are very important! You do not want rambling, you want easy to follow and shorter sentences. When a sentence has more than one action in it, it can get out of control and almost hysterical. Commas and shorter sentences are important, but I like where the stories going... Could you maybe go back and edit it so its an easier read though?
    How Could I Love You?
    How Could I Love...
    Carla is 17 years old and is a victim of bullying everyday she gets bullied and because of one person Ethan he's the main source she doesn't know why everyone one hates her so much.Ethan is a werewolf...
    6 years ago
    Thank you for the feedback, I'll make sure to go back and edit!!!! :)
  • LandisPants

    mumbled "Please Read!"

    6 years agoReply
    Hey guys, could you do me a HUGE favor and read this? And, I don't know, maybe even comment something more than 'update' or'cool'? Thanks!

    When You're StrangeHave you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to see the future? Dimitri can. What about living with five boys and two other girls? I do. My...
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