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I am a cat. A brunette, androgynous, trumpet-playing, piano-playing, guitar-playing, tall, blue-loving, introverted, writing, reading, studying, 9th grade, weird, quote-memorizing, music-loving, insomnia-suffering, fairly friendly, cat-adoring, drawing, acting , mythical beast, boy-band hating, twilight-loving, bisexual, movellas-using, German-speaking, singing, cold (physically), computer savy(ish), Latin-speaking, sarcastic, reviewing cat, but a cat never the less.

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Lavern (Lav)

1. Winner of The Writing Prompt Competition, 2015
2. Winner of the Dear Diary Competition, 2016
3. Nominated for Best Movellian in the Movellys, 2016

"It takes ten times longer to put yourself together than it does to fall apart"
- Finnick, Mockingjay

"What is the point of being alive if you don't at least try to do something remarkable?"
- John Green

"It has to be dark for the stars to shine"
- Unknown

"People who hurt you are like sandpaper. They may scratch you up a little bit, but in the end you are polished, and they are worthless"
- Chris Colfer

"There is nothing wrong with you. There is a lot wrong with the world you are living in"
- Chris Colfer

"Gay, Straight, Orange, Purple, Dinosaur - I don't care; be yourself"
- Darren Criss

"If you can't handle me at my worst, you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best"
- Marilyn Monroe

"We're all a little crazy - the only difference is some hide it better than others"
- Michelle Hodkin

"To the world you may be someone, but to someone you may just be the world"
- Dr. Sues

"A person is a person no matter how small"
- Dr. Sues

"Good things happen to those who wait... but great things happen to those who get off their butts and go do it!"
- Anonymous

"People may change the music, but the music also changes the people"
- Unknown

"Ask someone if they are okay. It can literally be the difference between life and death. Go!"

"Do what you like and like what you do"
- Life is Good

"and so the lion fell in love with the lamb."
- Stephenie Myer, Twilight

(I did these from memory, so they may not be exact. :-) )


  • Lavern L.C.

    mumbled "It's been a bit"

    1 years agoReply
    It's been, well, a while. I whole year... really three.
    It's funny how being in this community lined up with so many other things in my life. It's a whole time period.
    There was a lot of burn out.
    But I get this funny feeling I'm over it, I'm ready.
    But anyway.
    If anyone wants to talk, leave a comment <3
     dani  bf/dcd
    1 years ago
    1 years ago
    @[Lavern L.C.] Welcome BACK, Lavern! It's been different without you being here. I'm happy that you have decided to return to Movellas! There is so many memories buried within this site. I always find myself returning to the Dark World I created in my stories. I would like to know if you'd be up for reading my latest story? Maybe leaving me a short review or some CC? :P
    A Seducing Nightmare3:30 - AFTER losing you to the underworld- I promised that I would follow you wherever you went. Father, I followed you to the moment you lay on the ground...
    1 years ago
    Hey, hey!
  • Lavern L.C.
    3 years agoReply
    Wow, this is really interesting.... <3
    Place Of The Dead
    Place Of The Dead
    I now enter the place of the dead In the prime of my life Never again will I see the Lord God I will be robbed of my normal years Never again will I see my friends While in the land of the living My...
  • Lavern L.C.

    mumbled "So I Just Wrote a Couple Chapters... Would Anyone Be Willing to Read Them and Tell Me What They Think? "

    3 years agoReply
    "Riley always has a way of putting a sarcastic twist on just about anything. Their depression. Their friend's suicide attempt. Their sexuality, gender, love life. It's not even that their life is terrible. It's that their life is empty. And it appears that will never change. That is, of course, until Alex. "
    I've been writing a thing for the first time in a bit for the diversity competition, and I was wondering if anyone'd be willing to read the first couple chapters. It'd be greatly appreciated, and I'd be happy to do something in return :)
    - Lav <3
    Today and TomorrowRiley always has a way of putting a sarcastic twist on just about anything. Their depression. Their friend's suicide attempt. Their sexuality, gender,...
    angel plant
    3 years ago
    I would love to
  • Lavern L.C.
    3 years agoReply
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    Hello, I was wondering if I could get a review (: I'd like grammar as well as plot/characters if you would, and there's not rush!
    Lav <3
    Today and TomorrowRiley always has a way of putting a sarcastic twist on just about anything. Their depression. Their friend's suicide attempt. Their sexuality, gender,...
    Review Store
    Review Store
    This is the place where you link me your story and I review it. ATTENTION NEW READERS: If you are here to leave me your story, please read the rules and read my later reviews (Chapters 30+) to decide...
  • Lavern L.C.
    3 years agoReply
    Welp, Lav here for a lil review (:

    (part one)

    SUNDAY MORNING TRAGEDY - Ooooh, I really wanna hear this one. I could hear what bits of it might sound like in my head, and I can totally imagine myself dancing along to this one. Very good.

    SPARKS FLY - Aw, I like this one too. It made me smile. You've done a really good job of having a sort of beat built into the words, especially in the first verse, and I can definitely /feel/ the buildup as you lead up into the chorus.

    YOU"RE THE KINDA GUY WHO'D BRING A FIREWORK TO A FUNERAL - I'm always a fan of long song titles... I don't even know why XD I like the song in general. It has more of a story aspect to it with a character and so on and, as always, it's super catchy.

    MAYBE FOREVER - I like this one and how it fits within the album. I don't know how you're imagining it'll sound, but if felt like a little bit of a slow down in comparison to the first three songs in here. I found myself thinking of the chords that would go along with the words as I was reading it. I swear one day you're going to be in a band, and I can't wait to listen to some of your albums on repeat.

    PATrIOT - Love the way you've styled the title - well done there, Sam. This sounds vaguely like what some American would sing along to on Independence Day, not knowing what the actual meaning was... but knowing at least some of the intended meaning, I see that this is, as expected, another great song and certainly has a different tone than the previous song, if only slightly.

    WATER'S WET. FIRE BURNS - Of course I still enjoyed reading through this one, but for some reason I can't quite put my finger on I didn't quite get into it as much as the others. I mean, I like the pattern in the first verse - how you mention a chant and then how the words read like a chant would, short and powerful. I dunno.... guess I can't be in love with /every/ song on the album... different people like different things and so on.

    THAT'S LIFE (AND NO ONE'S GETTIN' OUT ALIVE) - Wow, there's an anger here that I didn't quite notice as much in the previous chapters. Not that that's a bad thing... just something that I ended up noticing. That being said, I can also see myself listening along to this song when I've had a shitty day in my room. You've got the relatable aspect down for sure.

    (there shall be more to come once I eat lunch (: )

    HAMMERX (hammerten) Noun
    Lavern L.C.
    3 years ago
    (part two)

    OTHER GUY - Dang these people that were in the relationship have some complicated issues. I'm glad that my life doesn't ever get that crazy. And of course it's well written. Because it's you XD

    NOBODY'S PERFECT - Ah I've felt all of these things :) You've done a very good job of conveying the emotions with your words. I'm just rather fond of this one for no reason in particular.

    48 HOURS - I also like the concept of this one, and I also like how's it's structured. It's just feels like it has a nice buildup and resolution.

    WITHIN THE STARS - Aw, like force of storms said this one really stands out to me. It's just really beautiful and without a doubt poetry. Just very pure emotions, and I would certainly listen to it on repeat.

    PHANTOMS ON REPEAT - This is easily my second favorite. The words just fit so well together in this one, and it's like I can see what you're writing about.

    WHERE DO WE GO NOW? - This may very well be unintentional, but I really like how you ended the album on a question. There's just something about that which seems striking to me. Anyway, the song itself is very good, and I feel like it fits along with the sort of theme of the album pretty well.

    In conclusion, I've really liked reading through this. It's one of my favorite albums you've put out for sure, and I'm looking forward to the albums you'll put out in the future :) I wish you all of the luck with your writing.

    - Lav <3

    Lavern L.C.
    3 years ago
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