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Hey! My name is Kerri. Basically, I'm you're average teenager, I spend sunny days blogging and writing fanfictions, when I'm with my friends we watch funny youtube videos, and the majority of my conversations are me fangirling. Okay so I'm not exactly average. I'm a computer and video game nerd who's very social but also a bit of a klutz. I've always enjoyed writing, but sometimes i tend to over-describe, but i promise you that if you read enough into the story, the plots pick up quickly. I'm 16 from New Jersey, and I hope you like what I write!(:

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    hey guys! thank you to all who have been reading my story, commenting, adding it to their favorites, and liking it! it means so much!!! if you could also check out this What Makes You Beautiful cover:
    (for all you One Direction fans(; ) it would mean the world!!! thanks again. love you guys!!(: xx
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