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I'm Jessie, aka LittleMissGeek, and I'm 14 from the UK. I love writing stories but English is one of my least favourite subjects at school :/. I'm just like, why do I need to know about sibilance?

But I still love reading and writing. My favourite authors are RJ Anderson and Jodi Picoult, but I love Harry Potter and The Hunger Games as well!

When I leave school I want to be an author, a journalist or a pharmacologist, but that will probably never happen.

I have Asperger's Syndrome, which basically means that I think differently and act differently to "normal" people, but that's who I am and I wouldn't change (plus, lots of people think that's what makes me a geek, as my AS means I can focus better on smaller details and I'm more observant than most people).

I LOVE music as well and I play bassoon, cello and keyboard to grade 5 level. And I LOVE Two Door Cinema Club.. They are AMAZING!!!!

I feel like I've said too much but, oh well :).

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    Ooohh... This is a really good idea. I'm not a directioner and I'd love to be paired up!
    The Movellas Unity Project
    The Movellas Unity...
    Non-directioner? Directioner? Sick of fighting? Then take a read.
    7 years ago
    Directioner and I'd love to be paired up with you
    7 years ago
    You two are being paired up then! Enjoy :)
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    Wow this is awesome sauce! It's giving me chills! Can't wait to see what happens next. Liked and faved. Good luck in the competition!
    That's The Thing About Pain
    That's The Thing...
    Originally for 'The Fault in Our Stars' competition, this is about the way intense pain traps you.
    7 years ago
    Thanks! I love the book (meaning 'The Fault in Our Stars') so I just wanted to enter the competition with SOMETHING. Its nice to hear positive feedback!
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    mumbled "Help?"

    Okay. So. I have written the first chapter to a romance (it's in drafts :P) and now I have some serious writer's block. Anyone up for co-authoring?
    7 years ago
    I guess you aren't writing the story with me anymore then? :(
    LittleMissGeek ☯
    @harriet I've got the next chapter in drafts. You can publish it if you like, but I'm not sure if it's very good :)

    @MrsT I'll send you a request when I'm get on my laptop :) my iPad won't let me :(
    7 years ago
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