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17 year old girl from Manchester. I love reading, writing and hanging out with my friends. I've got a movella going at the moment called Look, and I'll love you forever if you check it out

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    That is so ridiculously pretty
    Damn, I wish that was the actual cover.
    You'd better goddamn win this thing.
    Alternate Divergent Cover!
    Alternate Divergen...
    My entry for the Divergent contest :D For my cover i chose to illustrate the scene where Tris discards her Abnegation robes, about to jump from the roof and join Dauntless. I realise that there are supposed...
    5 years ago
    And you are ridiculously awesome, thank you!
    I reaally hope so, it'd be the best Mother's Day present :)
    Seriously, means a lot x
    lolly sisters
    5 years ago
    oh my goodness. This is the most amazing thing I have EVER SEEN!
  • Liveyourdreams
    This is a really good fanfic, and I love your use of language.
    Possibly slightly pedantic of me, but you didn't mention her brother at all, have you read the rest of the books?
    The Water In The Bowl
    The Water In The...
    This is my entry for the divergent comp :) Once upon a time there was a girl, and that girl wanted to fly. All her life, Jeanine Matthews had wanted to leave Erudite and go to Amity where she was sure...
    5 years ago
    Oh yeah, it's a different Tori, it's just the first name that came into my head, but I'll try to make that clearer. :)
    5 years ago
    Ahh, that makes sense! Sorry, I got confused, and apologies for all this annoyingness :) Good luck in the comp!
    5 years ago
    Thanks :) And no you weren't annoying at all, you actually gave me a good idea :)
  • Liveyourdreams
    When will the results be announced? :)
    5 years ago
    Thanks! And we actually get to watch the film? (I'm just in shock, want to confirm everything now)
    LV Snelson
    5 years ago
    :o Who are the other stars of the film be there?
    So it's based on who likes it on the movellas team.. Oh brother, I'm, going to die.
  • Liveyourdreams
    I know right?! It was absolutely appalling, to me anyway. They were brushing their hair as if they were dolls or something, and the poor girls were just parading in front of them. But Jesus Christ, I hadn't seen the unrated version. My opinion of all those men has just dropped to rock-bottom. I'm sure he would never do that to his daughter (if he has one, I don't know), so why to anyone else? Those women should have so much more self-respect than strutting in front of those men.
    I hate the song so much, even if the tune's alright, simply for the lyrics and video.
    Those 'Blurred Lines'
    Those 'Blurred Lin...
    A look at why this popular song is problematic and the effect it is having on our society's opinion on consent.
    6 years ago
    Well, I meant that XD I get that it probably isn't their exact choice to do this. You're welcome!
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