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hey guys Lighting Master here and I hope I get to meet you guys

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    is bon bon home?
    Spidergirl MCU
    1 years ago
    yeah. i finished rise of chica and starting rise of Freddy. it's the first of its series. have you read the fnaf books from Scott cawthorn yet. i have nearly all of the fnaf books. last week i got the freddy files.
    Avenger Spiderman
    i have started Marvel stories. not many stories but surely a lot of chapters.
    Lighting Master
    1 years ago
    @[the bonnie 3.0] I haven't read those fnaf books yet but it will be nice to read when I get them.
    @[mangle] well that's a good start to it :)
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    pretty good @[Sarebear] also I like sonic with it to
    Sonic and the secret of the Sea.
    Sonic and the secr...
    After a battle with his Arch-Nemesis, Doctor Eggman our young hero, Sonic the hedgehog is injured in battle and was sent out into the ocean to be drowned by the evil scientist. But instead of drowning,...
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