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Heya! It's lad (Lunch At Dawn) but call me whatever. Honestly. If you want to use my initials or whatever use Cath Bellivia. My L/Ns Wayne and I don't like it. I'm not new to writing, I'm new to Movellas, so any tips or tricks WILL be taken. I will switch my description as needed, just a heads up.


by , Wednesday October 4, 2017
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    mumbled "Nope no title "

    9 months agoReply
    Ok so like I'm super into writing parodies to
    She wears short skirts
    I wear tshirts
    She's cheer captain
    And I'm on the bleachers
    And I have so many but I just want to say one:

    She wears short skirts
    I wear tshirts
    She's cheer captain and
    I'm slim shady
    Yes I'm the real shady
    All you other slim shadys are just imitating
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    mumbled "Well I failed sorry about that"

    9 months agoReply
    So I meant to write a story about a year ago but I relapsed in pretty much all of my mental illnesses (I love how they are like buy one get seven free) and I was insanely busy with dance and volleyball plus school, social life, and housework but I found some free time so I'm back. Yay. I'm not gonna write a story, sorry about that even though there's no one to apologize to I just really don't have the time or mental capabilities right now. Omg this is such a long mumble. Wow. Sorry.
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    mumbled "New Story News!"

    1 years agoReply
    Heya! I got a bit impatient waiting for my cover (I'm so excited to make my story!), so once I do receive it I'll edit it a bit and use it for something else, but I made my new cover and did the whole setup. I may be looking for co-writers.
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    mumbled "New Series Soon!"

    1 years agoReply
    Hey guys! I just wanna say I'm going to be writing a new series called Follow The Light.
    I'm a fantasy action/adventure/violence and even romance if it's got like super romantic scenes that are like REAL romance, not sex. So I'm going to be writing about a girl named Marlee Hanson and her friends, who go through basically a reality tv show, only it's not televised. Then the magic kicks in and I'm doing a bad job of describing it so just yeah I'll post my first chapter when I get the cover.
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    Hey Lavern! I'd like a cover forum, but of course only do it if you really feel like it, I could do it, I'm just not really good at it and don't have many sources to do it with. Here goes!
    Author: LunchAtDawn
    Title: Follow The Light
    Effects: P. I want it to show a bit of drama, but it's whatever works best.
    Blurb: Marlee Hanson lives in a world like a reality tv show. Friends betray friends, People cry of happiness, pain, loneliness and sadness too. Things are unexpected, but she gets through it with her best friends, Veda (VAY-duh) Macinaro (Mack-ihn-AIR-oh), Adam Herana and maybe some others. Things start to get crazier when people start walking through doors, levitating apples, and whipping up winds. Teenagers fall in love, fall apart and fall in big, big trouble.
    (Fairly vague I know I'm sorry I don't really know how much I can explain right now, but it's basically a drama/romance/fantasy action.
    Link: I don't have one? It not out yet.
    Mood. It's really an emotional spectrum. I'd like the mood on the cover to be... Romance or Magical. Or both. Try both please if you can.
    Film Color: White
    No Quick order
    No People.
    Real Life
    Ideas: Maybe like two people holding hands in a pretty setting with fireworks going off. Or two lovers battling an opponent with magic.
    You get the gist.
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