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Destroying my braincells and trying to salvage them. I'm bored and boring. That's about it, folks.

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    This is lovely, I appreciate a solid short story because sometimes I find they're more difficult to write than something more drawn out. Some of your descriptions were great, 'houses that rose like gingerbread structures' and 'the wind's formless melodies' were just some that really stuck out to me. Quality work.
    Pollux & Ben
    Pollux & Ben
    The first time I met Pollux, I was nine.
     River_Summers ☕️
    Thank you so much! I really appreciate that. :)
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    Is anyone out there or am I a whisper to be lost in the abyss of role-play?
    Finchy McFincherson
    Well the applications are closed now but next year (around july) Skye publishes a blog telling you what to put on your application form, when and where to send it. I'll be sure to tag you when I see it go up next year.
    Okay, I probably won't be on that site at that time, because I tend to not go on any sites over the summer.
    Finchy McFincherson
    Oh yeah. Perhaps send it in early, explaining that you aren't on over the summer. I'm sure Skye will except it.
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