• Mariam Yasser
    It is really funny
    The Little Book Of Laughter
    The Little Book...
    Feeling down? Well this is what you need! This book is full of jokes and other funny stuff! Plus, if you have a favourite one, let me know OR if you have something funny to tell me comment and you never...
  • Mariam Yasser
    Love the story complete
    No , I'm not related to LIAM PAYNE
    No , I'm not relat...
    A girl called Malak Payne. Her parents got divorced. everyone in her school thinks that she is related to LiamPayne. in a concert Liam saw a fan holding a poster on it says ( i know your sister )
  • Mariam Yasser
    I love the story update
    Hold on
    Hold on
    I was walking one day from my job, but I heard footsteps I was so scared I screamed a high pitched scream and began to run fast ,then I tripped on my own feet and fell i mumbled (wow I am so clumsy ) but...
  • Mariam Yasser
    Plzz update this story is amazain
    Sorry I'm Taken. (Harry's twin sis)
    Sorry I'm Taken....
    Almost 5 years ago I let myself be kidnapped so that Harry didn't have to suffer. Ever since my life has been a living HELL! Almost 17 year old Katarina Styles has had enough. Her so-called boyfriend...
  • Mariam Yasser
    Can I be zayn's girlfriend
    From the moment i met you ( a liam payne fanfic)
    From the moment...
    Alana was just a normal girl living her normal boring life. Until , one day she meets Liam who will change her life. Will her life stay the same? Will her past get in her way? Or will Liam make her forget...
    Mariam Yasser
    7 years ago
    You know how I look right
    Mariam Yasser
    7 years ago
    Ps love the story
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