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I love reading and writing, and I hope to become a psychologist someday.

  • Mavis Penfeather
    I think that you should write longer sentences, or vary their structure to make this already interesting story better. I love the story, right from the get-go, especially this line; There was never love in that house anyway.
    Keep writing!
    Hail Kyle was taken away from her home when she was ten and sent to a lab to become part of Project 11. After escaping years later, she meets Alec Night. Together they take revenge on the people of Project...
  • Mavis Penfeather

    mumbled "Hash-Tag Con-FUSED!!!!"

    All my writing teachers have complimented me on my fabulous writing skillz, but my fanfictions are always unpopular. Why could this be??? I dunno. Also, could you please read my stories? This way, I could be cured from Unpopular-on-social-networks-itis. Thank you ahead of time the donation to the Make-everyone-love-Mavis-Organization Fund.

    I have mastered fishing for compliments, no?
    Still, read my stuff.
  • Mavis Penfeather
    Alex, you keep going! The idea for the club is great!!!!
    I'm still an innocent little thing with no bloodstained nightmares or overwhelming grief, but I suggest that you adopt, "Fight Song" as your theme song. It fits you well! Also, I think you should read a book called, "Dr. Bird's Advice for Sad Poets", but then again I really don't know anything about anything. I'm behind you too, though, so continue to be awesome.
    Coming Out as the New Guy
    Coming Out as the...
    This is a story about me, actually, in my coming out as a guy.
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    mumbled "Fangirl Problems"

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    No one at my school knows enough anime for me to have a really good conversation with them about it, and an intelligent conversation/debate on Sherlock Holmes? Forget it.
    Though I am lucky that most of my friends are Potterheads and have read Rick Riordan's books....
    Mavis Penfeather
    3 years ago
    Or you spot a skull somewhere and scream, "Poor Sherlock!!!!!!" and all your besties look at you like, "Bruh, we no speak fandom."
    Mavis Penfeather
    3 years ago
    Oh, I gotta go. Sorry!
    3 years ago
    It's good. :) Had a fabulous convo! Im Mac btw ^_^
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