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I might be back in march

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    I would just like to excuse myself for not only being active on here anymore but for the poorly written fanfics I have posted on this website. My writing has improved a whole lot since those stories were completed and I can't wait to show you all that. Sadly, I cannot until late March, early April which is when I will finally have a laptop. Until then I won't be on this website but you can always contact me if needed on the social medias below.

    Wattpad: mukeagain
    Instagram: Mkn315
    Twitter: MukeAgain
    Kik: notmkn

    I'll be back soon <3
    I will miss you!!! Can't wait!
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    We'll miss you
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    Just got the chance to read this chapter, I love when it's in Harry's point of view because then us readers can actually know and feel what he's feeling, you should do more of his point of view in the future (:
    infidelity ♔ hes
    infidelity ♔ hes
    a story in which a beautiful, innocent tutor falls for the handsome, engaged teacher.
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