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Hellow everyone! :D

I just love the time when I pick up a book and get completely lost in it, no matter how sad I am, how much homework I have to do or how much my life sucks. I enter a place that is entirely my own, filled with my craziest and wildest thoughts. Oh, I wish I could just stay there.

But then, I came to know of this site through a friend (Chetna, thanks a lot for telling me about this ;) ) and now I am glued to MOVELLAS all day.

I like singing (which I am pretty good at. Sorry to sound boasting, but you can't love anyone else if you don't love yourself. ;) ), dancing like crazy, painting, reading, writing(which is a new development, thanks to movellas), and basically everything that is related to Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Dan Brown and...well you get the idea.

Oh, the magic these books do to people. We all come from different countries, but our hearts beat as ONE.

And here are my awesome badges :

-\ /
I am one of IceCreamGirl's Ice Cream! (Chocolate ice cream, to be precise :3 )

I am one of J.K.Panesar's carrots!

I am one of Lia's cookies! Mmm.. :)

I am one of Kameka H.'s brownies!

_/ \_
...\ \
I am one of mrstomlinson's bananas!

I am xxJenJenxx's smiley!

I am a waffle! A fan of Rawrz :D

[=| )o
I am a cupcake sideways! @Kierstinnn-It works for me too!

I am a Hooty Owl, a fan of B. Harrison!

And if Love2Write had a badge, I'd immediately put it on my profile with warp speed. Go L2W! ;D

Let me inspire you with a thought -
"To bear failure with courage is the best proof of character that anyone can give."
So don't fear to lose!

Have a lovely life and keep reading! ;D

  • MoonAvis
    5 years agoReply
    This is such an emotional piece.. You used those words so brilliantly to spread such a hearty message.. Kudos to you! :D
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  • MoonAvis
    6 years agoReply
    Ooh new friends? Could I possibly say no? Count me in at warp speed! XD
    Movellas Friendship Day
    Movellas Friendshi...
    This happens once every month for people looking for people to be friends. We put different people together and that we don't think are already friends. They then fan each other and create a co-author...
  • MoonAvis
    6 years agoReply
    Can anyone help me out? In Terms and Conditions, it says that the winner must be a resident of the UK or RoI. Does this mean that anyone who does not live in UK or RoI is ineligible to win a prize?
    6 years ago
    The prize is to be in an e-book published by a British company, so I guess that's the case :)
    6 years ago
    What is Rol?
    6 years ago
    Republic of Ireland :)
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