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    mumbled "Yoo "

    add me on snapchat: abbaya
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    mumbled "blood brothers"

    So me and my friend decided to reenact blood brothers today and I would like to share what I have learned from this experience.

    I have a cut all down my hand, I can't touch anything without extreme pain, washing up liquid just became more satanic than me, the bleeding didn't stop for a good 10 minutes, pressing my bleeding hand against another and feeling the blood ooze together is possible tHE grossest thing I've ever felt and I only realised afterwards that a year old pencil sharpener probably wasn't the most sterile blade I could've used for the job.

    Other than that I really recommend this I feel closer than ever to my best friend and I would rate the opportunity a solid 7/10! (:

    (I'm kidding. Don't reenact blood brothers. It's fiction for a reason and I'm in agony.)
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    ew really I didn't really think it through we just finished reading blood brothers In class and was like yo lol wanna be blood brothers
    3 years ago
    I've got a scar near the top of my throat from an army knife's blade. :/
    I don't wanna talk about it, but it wasn't something to be proud of.
    However, it's kind of like a battle wound for being almost a Hero.
    Not quite a Hero, just some dude who tried to be a Hero...
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    Aw Luke I'm proud of you, whether you'd describe yourself as a hero or not that sounds like a heroic wound

    @[adorkablepanda] my dads eyesight it bad so he won't notice mine lmao (even though there's 3 now? The other two were experiments)

    You'd think I've learned my lesson but tbh I plan on doing it again with Aaron on Monday
    3 years ago
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    @[Call Me Satan] Aw thanks, I really just thought of myself as just Me. Like it's who I am, I'm who I am, I'm Me. I don't think of myself as anyone more superior than anyone out there in the world. I mean yes, I'm lucky to be alive, I'm lucky to live among many others. But I truly feel like a regular person, someone who has unique characteristics but still shares the feelings & emotions that everyone else has. I'm Human, and that is what I'm trying to say here XD

    All in all, I've taken a few wounds, a few hits, a few marks, all for trying to protect those who I rather love, feel like family, feels like best friends. Honestly, I've got some wounds that tell stories, and that's why I appreciate them. My great grandpa (he would hate calling him grandpa) anyways... he served in World War II, he told me about battle wounds telling stories on the field. It was all about the wounds back at campsites, it was all about talking about yourself, but also getting to know more about the people around you.

    I feel proud to have known him, but also proud to still be taking his words & sharing them with the world. I'm more proud of taking those hits, a few wounds to protect those who mean the world to me. When it comes down to strength, it's not all about muscle. Even the weakest out there have fought some strong battles. Especially when we talk about Cancer & other.. I'm proud to still be here. But I sure won't tell a lie about the things I've thought in my past:

    Like suicidal thoughts, and many other things that could make me feel low. Not wanted, and today? Well, I go through it sometimes. Some years are better than others, but this year has been not the greatest to me. 2015 is a the worst year for me. 2014 was a brighter year, but not quite bright enough. 2013-2012 were not fun years either. I just think back to my childhood for the days that actually made me smile for once.
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    mumbled "why "

    am I always so cold
    Abby I'm always cold as well....

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    @[Emily Is A Penguin] ah yes, the horrors of being 7.8 stone and 5"4 = constant cold
    I'm cold 24/7 Evan lmao a sweater won't make a difference
    but whilst you mentioned sweater listen to sweater weather by the neighbourhood bc its great lol thanks bye xoxo
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    probs not let me check

    Is it in the rodrigo thread
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    mumbled "Calling all romantic movellians"

    Okay so I'm writing a movella and, unavoidably, it has to start off as a romance (which I'm not really accustomed to writing)
    I have a few things already planned but I need date ideas. If you're a girl could you please tell me what your ideal date/day out with a crush would be, or if you're a guy could you be as dramatic as possible in the type of day out you would plan for a crush if you could?
    3 years ago
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    I've had a girl tell me that she wishes we were dining in a burning building cos it means melting away into the abyss. I questioned this, but a week in hospital made her change her mind... :/
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    Wow thank you Luke, 100% what I was looking for. Cheers! (:
    @[Prodigy] I honestly thought you were gonna say "because it's a great way to break the ice" lmao
    All the others are good ideas too tho tbh I might make the character hard to get so she can go on all of these dates
    3 years ago
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    @[Call Me Satan] No problem, 100% I'm sure my answer sounds crazy but possibly just crazy enough to work out? Haha anytime! (:
    3 years ago
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    Girl: "I'm quite a fan of the fire you've got going here."
    Me: "Well, sometimes it takes a whole lot of hot stuff to make this place cozy."
    Girl: "I'm not a fan of the smoke, though."
    Me: "Yeah... I kinda thought you'd just accept that we are in a burning building."
    Girl: "Accept?" She looks at me with anger. "I'm more than accepting this dating choice."
    Me: "I hope so, it cost me nothing." I mumbled.
    Girl: "Maybe you should do something about the heating in this place."
    Me: "I never knew a place would be too hot for you, you wanted hot, you wanted cozy."
    Girl: "I never asked for smoke."
    Me: "You've dated a smoker in the past, what difference does it make that we are near thick smoke that may knock us out."
    Girl: "Oooh, so it's like a new way to get high?"
    Me: "Sureeeeee"

    *Calls 911*
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    mumbled "music tag thing"

    tagged by evan xo

    Shuffle your music then write your favourite line of whatever song it lands on ye
    I'm going with either the best tune or metaphorical meaning because I love that okay let's go

    1. Fools by Troye Sivan
    "I see quiet nights poured over ice and tanquery, but everything is shattering and it's my mistake."

    2. Lost Stars (cover) by Jungkook
    wow all of this song is amazing and poetic um
    "Take my hand, let's see where we wake up tomorrow. The best laid plans sometimes are just a one night stand."

    3. Shake it by The Metro Station
    "Now if she moves like this, will you move her like that?"

    4. Don't trust me by 3OH!3
    "Tell your boyfriend, if he says he's got beef, that I'm a vegetarian and I ain't f*cking scared of him"

    5. Fall for you by Secondhand Serenade
    "I swore to you I'd never fall apart. You always thought that I was stronger. I may have failed but I have loved you from the start."

    6. Million dollar houses by Pierce The Veil
    "Sometimes the moon looks brighter than the sun, as times like this run up my wrist, she hates all of the guts and blood."

    7. When you see my friends by Mayday Parade
    "I'm burned out like a bright light, I wasn't ready for this. You're adorable as hell, but I'm glancing at your wrist."

    8. Treat you better by Shawn Mendes
    "And you can tell me that I'm wrong but I see it on your face when you tell me he's the one that you want."

    9. Fool's gold by One Direction
    "And yeah, I let you use me from the day that we first met. But I'm not done yet, falling for you."

    10. Small hands by Keaton Henson
    "Please forget me, you were right dear, I am cold and self-involved. And I'll miss you, recent lover, I am weak and therefore fold."

    I tag Chloe xo
    Call Me Satan K.T
    it's my favourite quote ever honestly